Update – 1.0.1

Chronac 1.0.1 is now live!
Some of the major changes include:

4 new unique areas to explore that rewards mobility
3 new achievements
4 new upgrades unique for each weapon
New shield indicator on healthbar
Healthbar now flashes on low health
Aim reticule now glows when rifle is fully charged (After capacitor upgrade)
Tweaked menu and ambient sounds
Tweaked gamepad controls
Balanced first area enemies (They have a fixed attack angle now)
Balanced movement
Balanced boss pattern
Balanced general co-op difficulty
Fixed aim reticule position
Fixed a bug where Insane difficulty bonus doesn’t add to total score
Fixed turrets targeting bug
Fixed a bug where accuracy bonus goes above 100
Fixed a bug where buggies get stuck inside doors
Fixed a bug preventing game to end in various versus modes

And a whole lot more!

Future plans:
New weapons! (Plasma shotgun and Grenade launcher)
3 new Enemies (Repair drones, melee enemies, shield generators)
New choices for workshops
New map for versus gamemodes!
Further adding unique upgrades
New boss variants